Pond Cleaning Surrey

Pond Cleaning

Annual water garden cleaning.
People often come to us with ponds that have not been cleaned out in years and that have become dirty, stagnant and overgrown. Regular clean outs are essential if the pond is to stay healthy and in good condition, and not go into decline. For the best results, your pond should be drained and cleaned out once a year. (Very large ponds or ponds containing very large koi may be cleaned out less frequently.) To find out more information or to discuss your pond clean out requirements, contact us today.

What we can do for you

  • Take out the mud and rotting leaves
  • Re-pot the plants
  • Remove the dirt and slime from your pond’s sides
  • Clean the waterfall
  • Clean the stream
  • Clean and service the filter
  • Clean and service the pump

Why clean out your pond?
A clean out is an opportunity to remove the mud, blanket weed and rotting leaves from the bottom of the pond and to pressure wash the dirt and slime from the sides of it. We can re-pot the plants, reducing those that have become overgrown and adding to or replacing plants in baskets that are not doing very well. During the work, the fish will be removed from the pond and are well cared for in our large custom-built storage tanks that are securely protected with netting. The water in the tanks is kept well oxygenated with air pumped into the tanks through air stones. A clean out is a good opportunity to review the condition of the pond and to make improvements where indicated. Please contact us for more details about our pond clean out service.