Aquatic pond plants


Attractive flowering aquatic plants
A successful pond will have a variety of water plants that will flower at different times, increasing the nature content and seasonal variety of a pond. Have your plants become overgrown and now need to be divided up and re-potted? Perhaps the plants you have are boring and you would like to make changes by introducing attractive new flowering plants? Perhaps you have a new pond with no plants and you’re looking for an exciting new planting scheme? Wilde Waters Ltd has over 25 years’ experience designing pond planting schemes. We also offer water garden planting services. We are based in Cobham, Surrey.

Before Our Planting Services

Water plants can be divided into four main types:

  • Marginal plants
  • Pond weed
  • Floating plants
  • Deep water aquatics

    We know what aquatic plants to choose from each group and what they need to flourish and to produce lots of colourful flowers. Contact us for water garden planting. We are based in Cobham, Surrey.
After Our Planting Services

Expert aquatic planting services
Getting the water plants right is crucial to the success of the pond. A well-designed and beautifully made water feature can disappoint if the planting is a failure. A basic or clumsily put together pond can be greatly improved by clever planting. A successful planting scheme will complement the layout and design of your water garden. We will give your plants the best start by expertly planting them, giving them what they need and exploiting tricks gained by experiment and experience. Please contact us on 01932 866 898 to arrange an advisory visit.