Pond filtration services Surrey


Why install a filtration system?

A filtration system will give you clear water and it will produce healthy water. The filter’s ultraviolet clarifier kills the algae that causes the water to go green, by disrupting its DNA. The filter bacteria help to neutralise bodily waste produced by fish. In this way, the filter stops the pond going green and allows you to feed the fish more often or to have more fish.
Many people choose undersized filter equipment with disappointing results. It is always good to install equipment that is equal to the demands of the pond, with plenty of spare capacity. Most filtration systems will consist of a pump, a biological filter box and an ultraviolet clarifier. The water garden filtration equipment will need to be maintained correctly if it is to work well.

Reasons to install a pond filtration system:

  • A filter will prevent the water from going green, so that the water looks good
  • A filtration system will create clear water conditions, so the fish can be seen
  • Filter bacteria will neutralise the toxic bodily waste produced by the fish
  • A filtration system will help create healthy water conditions

Filtration maintenance service
We can offer you advice on how to maintain your filter correctly or if you prefer, we can maintain the equipment for you. The pump must be cleaned and serviced periodically. Filter boxes will become clogged with mud and need to be cleaned or back washed. The bulb in the ultraviolet clarifier must be changed periodically and the quartz crystal sleeve must be cleaned. Wilde Waters Ltd is based in Cobham, Surrey.