Blanket weed removal Surrey

Blanket Weed

Blanket weed removal and re-growth prevention
You will probably be only too familiar with this green hairy growth which can be found growing in open water, on the sides of the pond, on streams and on waterfalls. It can become wrapped around the pump, which can choke it. It can also become tangled around pondweed. We can help you with this problem. We will remove the blanket weed by hand and then use a combination treatment of medication to control its re-growth. The treatments that we use are entirely safe and will not harm fish or plants. We provide regular maintenance for many ponds, and successfully controlling blanket weed is an important aspect of this work. Please contact us on 01932 866 898 to discuss your blanket weed problems and to arrange an advisory visit. Wilde Waters Ltd is based in Cobham, Surrey.

What is blanket weed?
Blanket weed is a filamentous alga, a very simple, primitive plant. Biologically it is very similar to the algae that turns the colour of the water green. Green water algae are single-celled and free floating. Blanket weed algae cells grow in long chains, giving it its thick hairy appearance. Blanket weed will grow all year round but it’s a greater problem during the summer months, when there is plenty of strong sunlight.

We can help control excessive blanket weed growth
Blanket weed is a major problem for many pond keepers. The bodily waste produced by fish will fertilise the water and stimulate blanket weed growth. So if you feed your fish frequently, or if you have large high polluting fish such as koi, you’re likely to have greater trouble with excessive blanket weed growth. We can help you with our blanket weed removal services. Please contact us on 01932 866 898 to arrange an advisory visit.