Winter Season

Pond maintenance advice for the winter season

At Wilde Waters Ltd, we offer pond cleanouts and year-round monthly pond maintenance to customers in Cobham and across Surrey. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

We provide pond maintenance services all year round

If you thought there was nothing that needed doing to your pond in winter, then you would be missing an important opportunity. Winter is the best time to drain and clean the pond. This offers enough time for the pond to recover and mature before the start of the growing season. Ideally, you don't want to be draining and disturbing the pond in the summer. Talk to our team about your pond cleaning, repairs or maintenance requirements today!
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Removing the mud and leaves

A pond cleanout is an opportunity to remove the mud and leaves from the pond and to re-pot or replace water plants. While the pond is empty the pump and filter can be serviced as well.
mud removal
seasonal cleaning

Annual pond clean

Cleaning once a year is recommended for most ponds. If you have a very large pond and the effort, disruption and cost of the work put you off doing this every year, then there is a case for delaying the work. 

Ponds that have not been cleaned out in three years will usually look messy and unloved. Five years is definitely too long. If your ponds contain sensitive fish that are difficult to care for outside of the pond and don't always respond well to the disruption of a pond cleanout - such as large koi then again there may be a case for delaying a pond cleanout.

Plants, pump and filter

Water plants can grow and spread quickly and can lead to an overgrown pond. Mud will build up in the bottom of the pond. Autumn leaves can end up in the pond either by falling indirectly or by being blown in from the surrounding garden. Filters can struggle to cope with a pond that contains a lot of mud. Pumps too can struggle with mud and leaves.
After pond cleaning
Maintain your pond this winter with the winter season pond maintenance advice from Wilde Waters Ltd. We are based in Cobham, Surrey. Please contact us on 01932 866 898.
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