Protect your pond from herons

We have been helping pond keepers to protect their fish and ponds from herons for over 25 years. Wilde Waters Ltd is based in Cobham, Surrey. Please call us on 01932 866 898 to discuss your heron problems.

We can help you protect your pond from attacks by herons

Many people will have experienced a heron attacking their pond and eating the fish. This can be very upsetting and to replace lost fish can be expensive. Covering the pond with netting has been the traditional answer. However, netting is unsightly, the plants become entangled in the mesh and the net must first be removed before any maintenance work can be carried out on the pond. Netting is effective at keeping heron away, but even netting is not completely heron-proof. In addition to installing traditional and newer forms of heron deterrent, we have our own proprietary brand of heron control. Wilde Waters Ltd would like to present the heron guard - heron protection for your pond. This is a simple, effective solution to help defend your fish from heron attacks. Wilde Waters Ltd is based in Cobham, Surrey. To learn more about our pond protection services, contact us.
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Our heron guard:

  • Is unobtrusive and easy to install
  • Is an effective alternative to netting
  • Will not tangle with plants, unlike netting
  • Allows easy access to the pond
  • Requires no wiring and no batteries
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Heron installation

Easy to install heron deterrent

Herons are wading birds. Typically, a heron will land near the pond and either stand at the pond edge or wade into the water before catching its prey. A heron guard around the edge of the pond will prevent the bird from wading into the water and will hamper the heron's movements at the edge of the pond. A heron guard consists of vertical rods placed around the perimeter of the pond supporting three equally spaced strands of fishing line. This way, the fishing line circles the pond three times at different heights. The rods are made from quality aluminium that will not rust. The rods are black in colour to make them as unobtrusive as possible and the three grooves spaced evenly along each rod are for easy location of the fishing line. There is a rubber ferrule on the tip of each rod for eye safety. If you would like us to install a heron guard for you, contact us today.
Please call Wilde Waters Ltd on 01932 866 898 to discuss your heron and pond protection problems.
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