Pond liner repairs – cuts and tears patched and sealed

Replacing a leaking pond liner is costly and disruptive. Pond liners can often be successfully repaired avoiding the expense and trouble of a new pond liner. Wilde Waters Ltd is based in Cobham, Surrey. 

Avoid the cost and disruption of pond liner replacement

If your pond liner is punctured, it is often possible to repair the damage. Patching the holes will avert the need to replace the liner. It is not usually possible to replace a pond liner without substantially rebuilding the pond. The liner is usually beneath all the other construction (waterfall, rock garden, paving and much more). If the pond liner can be patched, the cost and disruption of rebuilding the pond can be avoided. Most ponds today are constructed using a pond liner. The quality and durability of pond liners varies a great deal, but even the best pond liner is vulnerable to puncture. Herons will sometimes jab their beaks through the liner while trying to catch the fish. Sharp objects can get into the pond (such as stones, glass, gravel, jagged metal items like nails and much more) and can puncture the liner. Pond liners can also be damaged by the reckless use of sharp tools during maintenance work on the pond. Wilde Waters Ltd is based in Cobham, Surrey. Contact us today to discuss your pond repair needs.
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What type of pond liner do you have?

A good quality pond liner such as butyl, Firestone or EPDM will often last more than 30 years. If the hole in the liner can be patched, then you can enjoy the full benefit of these long-lasting and durable liners without the need for early replacement. Even if you have a PVC pond liner, these can sometimes be repaired, extending the life of the liner. PVC liners are a cheaper alternative and repairs are not always successful. PVC liners degrade over time becoming increasingly fragile, eventually failing completely. Talk to our team about fixing your leaking pond.
Please contact Wilde Waters Ltd on 01932 866 898 to discuss your leaking pond. Based in Cobham, we serve clients across Surrey.
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